Family Supper Table

familysupperAs we look around our local communities, we see many who are struggling to provide their families with the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. In an effort to help these families, the St. Andrew Family Supper Table team has organized a monthly community dinner. We offer a free, delicious and nutritious meal served restaurant style between 4:30 and 5:30 the forth Tuesday of every month at St. Andrew Lutheran Church.

We have created a marvelous network of restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, etc. who support our efforts with donations of whole meals, ingredients, chefs and servers. We are also in partnership with the Charlestown Police Department, local post offices, the Chariho Culinary program, local girl scouts troops and many individual volunteers to help provide and serve these meals.

2018 Dates:
June 26th
No JULY Dinner
August 28th
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th
December 18th - (3rd Tuesday)

Volunteers, chefs, donations, ingredients and more are needed. We’d love YOU to get involved! Lauri Prescott or Wendy Stewart can help you get connected.

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