St Andrew Preschool

“Offering a balance of structured learning and playful exploration through each stage of development.”

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Purpose of the Preschool

St. Andrew preschool is a child-centered program that offers a safe, creative and loving environment for children's learning to unfold. The preschool serves families with children ages 3, 4 and 5 years of age with morning and extended-day sessions.

Goals of the Preschool

  • To help children become independent, and inquisitive learners by nurturing their social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.
  • To provide a safe, supportive learning environment with responsive adults to assist the children's growth and changing developmental needs.
  • To communicate the Christian faith with an emphasis on the love and grace of God.

At the St. Andrew Preschool, children learn in a safe environment through their interaction with caring responsive adults. Your child participates in dramatic play, blocks, painting, stories, singing, scripture verses, baking, praying, outdoor play, learning to take turns, and conflict resolution. The learning experience is enjoyable and prepares them for further growth and development.

The St. Andrew Preschool offers a balance of structured learning and playful exploration through each stage of development. Our curriculum is:

  • Child-Centered
  • Christian-Based with an Emphasis on Stories
  • Nature and Science-Enriched
  • Environmentally-Friendly 
  • Sustainability-Oriented
  • Creative

preschool logoScholarships available.

Kerry Gallup, Director
Jeanne DeMelim, Head Teacher
Meredith Nelson, Aide