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Sermon: Who do you think I am?

Sunday's sermon generated  an extraordinary amount of feedback — and input!

Jesus is 400We had such wonderful interaction around the subject of Sunday's sermon that we wanted to share it with everyone.

Pastor Lisa wrote:
"I did a little crowd sourcing for this week’s sermon....through the E News and on Facebook.....and I got a LOT of feedback............from many of you! Thank you!

I guess the question got people thinking...... It’s a question that echoes the one Jesus asks of his disciples in today’s scripture reading from Mark. I asked, “Who is Jesus for you?”

The sermon contained thoughts from a wide range of partners:
"One of you said: 'I like to think Jesus is my divine superhero brother who never leaves my side. Like God, he is amazing and is responsible for all the truly incredible miracles that are our lives... He is always there to guide our decisions and to share our happiness and I feel like God is my all-knowing Father and Jesus is my wonderful understanding brother.'

Someone else said, 'Jesus is kind of like a National Grid solar farm that supplies all the love energy we could ever need. It is free and ever accessible to all.' ”

Click on this link to read the entire sermon. (pdf)

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