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Open Your Heart

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Sometimes we are “cracked wide open” by life; by the experiences we have; by the suffering that happens to come our way.  We know this is part of life.  We know that God doesn’t somehow single us out for pain or loss.  It’s just the way the world works.  Some of it is the result of the choices, good and bad, that we make.  Some of it just IS. 

We’re cracked open in different ways.  Sometimes it’s the loss of a relationship.  Sometimes it’s the loss of a dream—a dream of who you thought you’d be and what you thought you’d do.  Sometimes an illness is what breaks us open or the experience of cancer and treatments or an accident that changes everything. 

Whatever the cause, we often feel defenseless.  We are taken down to the most elemental level.  We are stripped bare.  These moments focus us on what’s essential in our lives.  They show us what—and who—matters most. 

And this is why there is such a deep spiritual dimension to having our hearts opened—or even broken.  An open heart is a sign of our willingness to be vulnerable.  It’s an indication that you are not withholding a single part of you.  It’s an announcement that you are “all in.”  It’s like saying to God, “I give my whole self to you.”  And that’s when God can really get to work.  That’s when God can lead and shape and work with us.

So if you feel brokenhearted sometimes or if you feel like life has laid bare your heart, take comfort in the fact that God is with us as much in our vulnerability as in our strength.  God is with us as much in our pain as in our joy.  God enters our open, sometimes broken hearts.