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Family Time

"Breakfast for Dinner," Human Bingo and Table Talk

Family Time v2 400wWe all struggle with making time for everything our families want and need to do. We juggle the demands of school, work, sports, and activities. It's hard to make time for everything we think is important!

In response, St. Andrew is re-making childrens’ministry into something that will look more like FAMILY ministry. We want to help provide fun, meaningful family time that will focus on teaching our children the values that flow from our faith. We’ll share Jesus stories and practice values together like generosity, feeding the hungry, loving our neighbors, respecting others, embracing diversity, caring for the earth and so much more.

Family Time Kick-Off
Wednesday, October 4th at 6:00
Free Family Dinner

Sign up in the lobby this Sunday - October 1st, or save a place with Cindy in the church office 322-0088. Questions: Contact Jen Ross, Maggie Nelson, Carolann Guilmette or Pastor Lisa.

St. Andrew Budget

The St. Andrew community is woven together with many different strands—with passionate individuals who put their faith in action and with generous givers that make our ministry possible.

The Generosity team wanted to tell the story of the St. Andrew budget in a way that focused less on numbers and more on ministry. We wanted to get a sense of what our giving actually DOES--how it impacts others, who it helps us serve. To do these, we prepared the narrative budget, which can be found below, that tells the story of our ministry.

We found that our giving focused on four main areas: Inspiring Worship, Growing Faith, Putting our Faith in Action and Nurturing Wholeness. We are also aware of the significant investment we made this past year in our facilities. We know that among the council's budget priorities is to add $10,000 to the capital improvement line item in order to continue to welcome others into a beautiful and well-maintained building and grounds. So we added a fifth small category called Welcoming Place to reflect that 2017 priority.

We hope this narrative budget helps you hear the story of your generous giving in a new way!

  2017 Narrative Budget

Learning to Receive at Church Beyond the Walls

IMG 2742

 The Affirm class went to Providence on Saturday, April 30th to worship with Church Beyond the Walls—a specialized mission of the Episcopal Dioceses of RI in partnership with the New England Synod. It’s a street-church that looks to build a community from all walks of life, including people without a home. The students made sandwiches, put cream cheese on bagels, and prepared the meal that would be enjoyed after worship. 
Pastor Linda, the missioner at Church Beyond the Walls, spoke to the class about walls that put barriers between people. She told them that they may meet people who have a different story than they do, but in Christ, there are no differences between us. Before worship, a few of the students were in charge of handing out bulletins. Almost every person in that park was welcomed to church and handed a bulletin.  
The students went to Providence with the idea that they would be serving others, but they learned an important lesson. It’s just as important to allow someone else to give to you as it is to give to others. They didn’t serve the sandwiches they made. Instead, they were served by those who worshipped. They stood in line, received a sandwich, and ate. It’s uncomfortable to receive sometimes. By seeing that every person has something really important to give, it allows us to see Christ in one another.

Open our Lives


Our lives are ordered by rules. Those rules that are spoken or silently assumed in our homes. The laws that keep order in society. When we think about opening our lives, it seems to make sense that there would be a list of rules that we would follow. But that’s not what we find. Instead we have moments in our lives where we are opened. Moments where we realize we aren’t perfect. Moments where we realize our need for God. 
Paul, an Apostle who wrote quite a few books in the Bible, had one of those opening experiences in his life. A man who knew the law well, who persecuted others for not following the law, was opened to a new way. He writes in Galatians, "What actually took place is this: I tried keeping rules and working my head off to please God, and it didn’t work. So I quit being a “law man” so that I could be God’s man.”
Here’s the deal: we have a God who opens our lives, who willingly saves us, not because we follow all the rules all the time. But because God loves us and always meets us with grace and forgiveness.