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Affirm Retreat

affirmretreatMany of the middle school students at St. Andrew headed to New Hampshire for the weekend to be in the midst of God’s creation at Camp Calumet. We looked for examples of God still creating today and tried to find the oldest part of creation while hiking Jackman’s Ridge. We canoed and fell in awe of a single tree filled with red leaves in the midst of evergreens. We hoisted one another over walls and trusted as we fell into each other’s arms. We laughed as we heard the story of the Ossipee Lake monster and many of us drank far too much Ossipee Lake monster juice.

An Altar in the World Series

During the month of October, St. Andrew is learning more about spirituality with a sermon series on the book An Altar in the World written by Barbara Brown Taylor—an author, Episcopal priest, and college professor. An Altar in the World takes ordinary, human experiences and calls us to see the sacred in them. We often try to find the spiritual outside of our routines and daily life, but often what we are longing for is right under out feet, in the midst of the routines we walk each day. 

An Altar in the World takes ordinary experiences of being human and creates spiritual practices out of them. Taylor explores the practice of wearing skin, the practice of physical labor, and the practice of feeling pain, just to name a few. These practices encourage us to focus on becoming more fully human, more aware, and trusting that God is a part of the real world we experience.

This month, let’s be more aware of the sacred right in front of us, right under our feet, in the midst of our voices, our tears, and our dancing.